Goats For Jesus, Inc. is a humanitarian Non-Profit IRS 501 (c) (3) Corporation with the sole purpose of exporting quality dairy goats from the United States to poor areas of the world where milk for children is scarce or does not exist. The current focus for Goats For Jesus is in Nicaragua and Honduras.

How to Donate

Ninety Percent of all donations go toward dairy goat projects. Projects include shipping donated live dairy goats by air, new goat barns, farming equipment, fencing, goat care training, veterinary expenses and related dairy goat expenses.

Donations can be made two ways:

1. By using the secure on-line process for a one time donation.
2. You may also make your secure donation as reoccurring.
3. Mailing your check to:

Goats For Jesus
P.O. Box 801
Perkins, OK 74059

All donations are tax deductible. If you choose the on-line payment method, you will receive an email confirming your donation. Goats For Jesus will not capture your credit card information. For accounting purposes we do need to collect your name and email address.

We greatly appreciate your financial contributions.


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